Dr. Haoying Wang

Bio: Haoying Wang is an Assistant Professor of Management at New Mexico Tech. He received his Ph.D. degree in Applied Economics and Operations Research (dual title) from Pennsylvania State University. He holds a MS degree in Agricultural and Resource Economics from University of Arizona, and a MA degree in Political Economics from Xiamen University. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree from Jilin University in Materials Science and Engineering. Prior to joining New Mexico Tech, Haoying was a postdoctoral fellow at Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University. Haoying’s main research interest ranges from internet economics and entrepreneurship, technology management, sustainability management, to applied econometrics and statistics. His work also explores the potential of Internet-generated data and remote-sensing data in applied research. Haoying has been actively involved in interdisciplinary research collaborations, especially projects on climate and agriculture, irrigation efficiency and groundwater management. Haoying is also an expert reviewer for the Foundation for Food and Agricultural Research (FFAR) in DC.

Here at Tech, Haoying works with students on agricultural commodity markets and regional development issues that are particularly important to New Mexico and the Southwest region. Haoying loves programming, his favorite programming languages include at least C, R, STATA, and Matlab. Haoying is also a part-time book dealer. He owns a successful online bookstore with over one thousand listings, which happens also to be one of his ground for internet economics research and experiment. He considers himself a semi-scientist and a semi-businessman. He likes car mechanics, hiking, and mountain biking.

Contact Information:

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