Dr. Peter Anselmo

Bio: Dr. Peter C. Anselmo is Executive Director of the Office of Innovation Commercialization at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (New Mexico Tech) in Socorro. Prior to his appointment as head of the OIC, he was a faculty member for 27 years in the New Mexico Tech Department of Management, where he remains an Associate Professor. During his time as a faculty member, he served for 15 years as Department chair; during that tenure he designed and implemented the New Mexico Tech Graduate Engineering Management Program.

He has taught a variety of executive and graduate courses around the country and
the world, and he has extensive experience with executive graduate management and
other technical training programs. Via the Office of Innovation Commercialization,
he is actively involved in efforts to protect New Mexico Tech technologies
and develop strategies to help link New Mexico Tech research teams with market opportunities.
His current research interests are in the areas of design and governance of complex
electronic financial markets, decision analysis applications in industry and government,
the relationship between evolution of patent citation networks and technological performance,
and the connection between the timing of market inputs into the design process
and new-technology success.

Education: PhD and MBA degrees from the University of Texas at Austin, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry and Fine Art from New Mexico Highlands University in Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Research Interests: Agent-based modeling applications in finance, opinion formation
Decision Analysis and Risk Modeling applications
Technology Commercialization

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