Core Curriculum

The core curriculum is as follows:

*Management Science for Engineering Management
This course exposes participants to up-to-date Management Science
applications in engineering and technology organizations.

*Financial Management
Participants are first exposed to the interaction between accounting
and financial systems. This is followed by discussion of the latest in
corporate financial management and capital budgeting techniques.

*Information Systems in Technology Organizations
Databases and the interaction between database information systems
and organizational decision processes. Data mining and other topics
relevant to data and technology-intensive organizations.

*Statistics for Technology Managers
Experimental design, probability review, univariate and multivariate
regression using least squares and other methods, other topics
including nonlinear regression and using statistical data for decision

*Technology Marketing
Design, development, marketing, and sustaining of new products and
technologies both inside and outside the engineering and technology
organization. Market research, sampling and other data collection
methods and issues.

*Managing Technology Resources
The study of human and other resources within technology and
engineering organizations. Negotiation, leadership, resource
allocation and other critical management topics will be discussed
in this seminar.

* Organizational Entrepreneurship
This seminar is concerned with integration of the concepts and
techniques covered in the Engineering Management core.
This course, which will be built around case analyses and
presentations, is designed to help program participants develop
a broader view of the business world and incorporate that view
into their assessments of simulated and real-world engineering business problem situations.

*These courses are compared with general MBA courses in the MBA Comparison page.

Course delivery

The Distance Education Department utilizes a unique technology
that delivers courses to remote sites via a virtual classroom to your
personal computer either as a direct live stream or for later download,
to be viewed at the student’s convenience.
The live stream has the added value of faculty/student
interaction through live chat, voice or video, and can be
streamed anywhere with a reasonable internet connection
Faculty are available to answer questions and assist students
outside class meetings through email or telephone
Courses meet one evening per week (4:00 pm – 7:00 pm) Monday
through Thursday. In addition to live courses and webcasts in and
from Socorro, student options include:
Live virtual classroom in Albuquerque
Live or delayed streaming to any computer with a good
internet connection

Tuition and Fees:
As of April 2011, costs for the MEM program include NM Tech
tuition of $280.19 per credit hour and a $350 distance education
fee per course. In addition, books and expenses will range from $50
-$200 per course, which is inexpensive when compared with other masters degree programs.