General Information

Short Presentation About the Program

The Master of Engineering Management (MEM) is a challenging 30-hour master’s degree program specifically designed for those professionals who have completed their undergraduate degrees, are working engineers, applied scientists, or technologists, and who have an interest in furthering their careers in management.

The MEM is patterned after engineering management graduate programs at leading higher education institutions in the U.S. The program is designed for completion in two years on a part time basis and is tailored for the working professional who has a technical degree and is interested in developing their management and business skills.

The MEM degree draws heavily on Tech’s strengths in applied science, engineering, and technology.

This degree provides engineers, applied scientists, and technologists with the knowledge and practical skill to lead project teams and technical organizations through today’s competitive and fast changing business environment.

Rather than a general orientation to business offered through a traditional MBA, the MEM is focused on preparing technical professionals and managers to assume higher levels of responsibility within their field of interest. The curriculum is flexible and innovative. And courses may be delivered to your home or office via New Mexico Tech’s Distance Education Program.

MEM Virtual Classroom

The MEM is offered live via distance education at the main campus in Socorro, NM and delivered synchronously through a virtual classroom to a student’s desktop, laptop, or other mobile device. Courses are scheduled evenings for three hours, Monday – Thursday, and Fridays, as required; class lectures are also available through non-live streaming for those students wishing to review course content or those on travel and unavailable for scheduled class meetings.

While few of our students are enrolled on campus, the majority are distance students who are required to attend classes as scheduled and participate in lectures, discussions, and presentations along with their on-campus colleagues. As a result, they receive the same assignments, examinations, projects, faculty assistance, and faculty feedback as do other students. While distance students often participate in classroom discussions using a microphone, some include video as well; the variability often occurs due to a student’s location or restrictions enforced by the student’s place of employment to limit access through their firewall (i.e. national laboratories).

To augment the virtual classroom experience, the Management Department utilizes a Graduate Study Room adjacent to faculty offices as a means of connecting distance students with both faculty and on-campus students; this room is equipped with Adobe Connect, projector, smart board, and desktop computer. This room is used extensively for small classes and group/individual discussions.


21 Core hours in management science, financial modeling, financial
systems, engineering and technology management, information
systems, marketing technology, entrepreneurship, and legal and
ethical environment.

6 elective hours in applied human resources, leadership, decision
analysis, complex systems, finance, energy markets and policy, change
management, and other disciplines dependent on student interest.

3 hour capstone project (independent applied research project) in
consultation with an instructor and research committee; the research
project is focused on a problem of student interest intended to
demonstrate competency across the curriculum, and often benefits
from prior or current faculty research. Research topics have included
simulation and modeling applications to high tech organizations,
feasibility analysis of maintenance engineering projects, and cost benefit
analysis of extracting low grade coal.