Graduate Courses

Engineering Management Graduate Courses

The prerequisite for EMGT 501-503, MATH 58x and 505-507 is admission to the MEM program. Engineering Management courses may not be used to fulfill the requirements of any other undergraduate or graduate degree offered by New Mexico Tech without prior approval by the chair of the other department.

EMGT 501, Management Science for Engineering Management, 3 cr, 3 cl hrs

This course will expose participants to up-to-date Management Science applications in engineering and technology organizations. Techniques include linear programming, inventory models, and material requirements planning.

EMGT 502, Financial Management, 3 cr, 3 cl hrs

This course begins with study of the interaction between financial and accounting systems and continues with a discussion of cash flow analysis. This foundation is followed by discussion of the latest in corporate financial management and capital budgeting techniques.

EMGT 503, Information Systems in Technology Organizations, 3 cr, 3 cl hrs

Databases and the interaction between database information systems and organizational decision processes. Data mining and other topics relevant to data and technology-intensive organizations. Discussion of the optimal information system design and implementation.

MATH 58x, Statistics for Technology Managers, 3 cr, 3 cl hrs

Probability and random variables; simple and multiple linear regression using least squares and other methods; experimental design; other topics including nonlinear regression; applications to decision making.

EMGT 505, Marketing Technology, 3 cr, 3 cl hrs

Design, development, marketing, and sustaining of new products and technologies both inside and outside the engineering and technology organization. Market research, sampling and other data collection issues.

EMGT 506, Managing Technology Resources, 3 cr, 3 cl hrs

The study of human and other resources within technology and engineering organizations. Negotiation, leadership, resource allocation and other critical management topics will be discussed in this seminar. Research on organizational behavior issues unique to an engineering/technical environment will be studied.

EMGT 507, Organizational Entrepreneurship (Capstone), 3 cr, 3 cl hrs

Prerequisites: At least four courses from EMGT 501-507

This seminar is concerned with integration of the concepts and techniques covered in the Engineering Management core. This course, which will be built around case analyses and presentations, is designed to help program participants develop a broader view of the business world and incorporate that view into their assessments of simulated and real-world engineering business problem situations.

EMGT 511, Financial Modeling, 3 cr, 3 cl hrs

Prerequisites: EMGT 502, 3 other courses from EMGT 501-507 or consent of instructor

Portfolio optimization and other applications of Management Science techniques in a financial context. Analysis of domestic and international risky assets, including commodities, financial assets, and debt instruments. Coverage of the latest techniques in financial risk management, including hedging and other risk sharing techniques.

EMGT 512, Complex Financial Systems, 3 cr, 3 cl hrs

Prerequisite: EMGT 511 or consent of instructor

Modern financial systems are complex, interconnected, and sensitive to a variety of information from a variety of sources. This course is devoted to development and testing of valid simulation models of complex financial systems and the analysis of model outputs.

EMGT 521, Advanced Management Science Applications, 3 cr, 3 cl hrs

Prerequisites: EMGT 501, 3 other courses from EMGT 501-507 or consent of instructor

Use of management science techniques such as Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) to optimally solve resource allocation problems. Management Science techniques applied to public policy issues.

EMGT 522, Engineering Management Seminar, 3 cr, 3 cl hrs

Prerequisite: EMGT 507

Study of latest research data concerning engineering management issues. Issues such as measuring performance, project management, and human resource management in technology organizations where tasks and outcomes may be illdefined.

EMGT 581, Directed Study, cr to be arranged

Study a current topic in Engineering Management with a member of the faculty. Most directed study topics will be based on and grow out of Engineering Management program coursework.

EMGT 590, Final Project, 3 cr, 3 cl hrs

Prerequisites: EMGT 507
Corequisite: At least one elective-sequence course

Each program participant will be required to complete a project to complete the MS degree. This project, which will be supervised by at least 2 New Mexico Tech faculty members, is open-ended with regard to context and scope. Workplace applications are preferred, but any effort that is formally designed, carried out, and analyzed will be considered. Each project will be accompanied by a formal report that will be presented to a diverse audience in a formal setting.