Learning Objectives

Graduate Master of Engineering Management Degree Department Strategic Learning Outcomes: The Graduate Engineering Management Program in the Department of Management at New Mexico Tech is designed for working engineers and applied scientists to attain knowledge, skills, and perspectives that will assist them in the management of increasingly large and complex technology-based projects. Successful management of these types of – Undergraduateprojects requires both analytical and people-oriented skills, and the 30-hour degree program is designed to instill both in our graduates through the following:


  1. Ability to apply Management Science-based optimization techniques to problem situations in the real world. Understanding of the use of these techniques in an entrepreneurial context.
    Coursework: EMGT 501


  1. Ability to understand the structure of complex databases, how to do relatively simple data mining searches, and how to construct a database that may be useful to many users.
    Coursework: EMGT 503


  1. Understand economic and financial modeling and simulation and its application to analysis and valuation of risky investment projects and portfolios. Understand the application of statistical techniques to real data encountered in project-oriented engineering environments.
    Coursework: EMGT 502, EMGT 504


  1. Understand team building, project structuring, and implementation in the context of a technology-based organization. Coursework: EMGT 506


  1. Ability to analyze markets for new technologies from the perspectives of analysis of risk and uncertainty, the technology life cycle, and the product life cycle. Understand specifics of consumer behavior in the context of new technology products.
    Coursework: EMGT 505


  1. Understand the components of a successful funding package for an entrepreneurial venture, both within and outside a technology-based firm. Understand the negotiation process from game-theory and applied perspectives, and be able to put together the outlines of a business plan for a new venture.
    Coursework: EMGT 507


  1. Demonstrated ability to utilize one or more of the techniques and methodologies learned in EMGT coursework into a project – preferably a workplace application – that solves a real technology-management problem.
    Coursework: EMGT 590EMGT 572