Program Information


30-Hour Program Leading to MEM
(Master of Engineering Management) Degree
Designed to serve working New Mexico Engineers and Applied Scientists
Offered live in Socorro and (currently) in Albuquerque via live Internet
Rigorous, analytical program taught by experienced research faculty that is designed around

  • Essential core business skills, such as risk analysis and optimization
  • Entrepreneurship – both within and outside organizations
  • Engineering elective sequence
  • Final professional project – workplace application is preferred


Serve New Mexico technology professionals
Help improve the New Mexico Business Climate by

  • Development of professional cohorts at classroom (including virtual
    classroom) locations
  • Providing a flexible graduate opportunity to help retain employees,
    grow local firms, and attract new firms

Excellent fit with New Mexico Tech Mission and Strategic Plan


Courses meet once a week for 3 hours; evenings and Fridays
Courses available via New Mexico Tech
Distance Education capabilities
In addition to live courses in Socorro, student options include:

  • Live virtual classrooms
  • Live or non-live streaming to any computer with a good Net