“The Lava Living project gave me research experience and I learned various ways of researching products. I also learned ways of assessing and promoting products.”

“The project involved a group of five students and two faculty members who evaluated the practices of Lava Living, a small company that manufactures construction materials. The group researched the company and its competition and made a report outlining Lava Living’s weaknesses and strengths. In the report, the group gave recommendations to Lava Living for ways to improve its company in areas that the group found to be lacking.

Throughout the semester-long project I learned about construction materials, green building, as well as R-vale and R-factor. I think the project gave me valuable knowledge that I would not have obtained in the classroom and that will serve to make me more appealing to potential employers who are concerned with construction materials or green building.”

“The project entailed first researching and understanding both the business side as well as the technical side of the optical thin film operations at Intor. Second, a study of the competition’s approach to the production of the same technology was studied and compared to that of Intor. Using the multiple skill sets of all group members, such as Management strategy, accounting, business modeling, electrical engineering, and optical engineering, the group constructed a plan of action for Intor to move in the direction of competitive business practices. The benefit that I received from the project was the ability to analyze a business already in operation and try and make changes given the resources that were already in place. Starting from scratch is less difficult than trying to change the operations of an existing and successful organization. I felt my ability to research things outside of my area of study and make an educated suggestion to Intor will help me throughout my career and keep me from becoming a one-dimensional manager.”