Do you have some great ideas? | Do you want to start a business? | Are you an innovator?

Studio G is the place for you!

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Studio G is completely free for NMT Students and Recent Alumni.

Studio G Members receive:

  • Guidance from our NMT Management faculty.
  • Access to Arrowhead Center’s Enterprise Advisors – these include seasoned entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investment bankers, marketing experts, engineer, and product developers that are available to help you launch your business.
  • Access to meeting rooms and work spaces for your business. (Undergoing Preperation)
  • Access to great equipment and software – 3D Printer, 3D Scanner, Vinyl Cutter, Video Conferencing, AV equipment, Green Screen, Adobe Creative Suite, SolidWorks commercial version and more. (Under Preparation)
  • Access to our Entrepreneurship Library with great resources for entrepreneurs. (Under Preperation)
  • Funding opportunities and awards exclusive to Studio G members.
  • Opportunities to license technology from New Mexico State University.

Studio G is available to students and recent alumni from New Mexico Tech. Studio G services are provided to members for free, Studio G does not take ownership or equity in your business or technology. We provide shared office space at the Speare building on campus, business advising, and a wide variety of resources to help you launch your own business.

If you have a business idea and would like to take advantage of the resources available at Studio click the Apply link on the tab above.

If you dont’ have a business idea yet or just want to talk about opportunities available through Studio G, please give us a call at (575-835-5440) or email us at mgt.dept@npe.nmt.edu.

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