Undergraduate STEM Programs

The Department of Management provides undergraduate degree programs that draw heavily on Tech’s strengths in science, engineering, and technology. The aim of the department is to develop in students substantive decision-making skills and tools, as well as the functional knowledge required to effectively manage complex technology-based organizations in today’s competitive global economy.

Management students take the same basic science and math courses required of every Tech student-two semesters each of chemistry, physics, calculus, and another lab science such as biology, engineering, or geology. Added to this foundation are courses in accounting, business computer systems, economics, finance, management, marketing, operations research, and statistics.

New Mexico Tech offers a Bachelors of Science degree in Management and Management of Technology. The B.S. in Management is appropriate for those planning to enter the fields of human resources management, labor relations, or general management. The B.S. in Management of Technology integrates management course work with study in an engineering field of the student’s choice. This degree focuses on the application of quantitative methods to problem solving in management. In accordance with the overall mission of New Mexico Tech, it is expected that problems addressed will be primarily within engineering and applied science disciplines, including natural resource and environmental management problems. Each management student is assigned a faculty advisor who will help him or her select a degree option and recommend courses to be taken.

The Department of Management also offers an Associate of Science degree in Business. This program is designed for students seeking to complete a two-year degree in business, and/or those who may wish to transfer to a four-year bachelor’s program in business or management. Required courses are transferable among participating New Mexico institutions.


This degree prepares the student to readily manage any business environment. Management students go through a rigorous multi-disciplinary study over a period of four to five years. The curriculum includes two years of economics, a year and a half of accounting and two years of business computing systems. Those who work well with people and are motivated to build a strong solid business background should seriously consider this program.

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