Degree Programs

Bachelors of Science

This degree prepares the student to readily manage any business environment. Management students go through a rigorous multi-disciplinary study over a period of four to five years. The curriculum includes two years of economics, a year and a half of accounting and two years of business computing systems. Those who work well with people and are motivated to build a strong solid business background should seriously consider this program.

Management with an emphasis in Technology

In addition to the core curriculum, students choose to specialize in a particular field of science and engineering. Students expand their areas of expertise in fields like electrical engineering, computer science or chemical engineering. Those who have urge to lead in specific scientific environments should choose this program.

Minor in Management

This program is for students who are working towards a science or engineering degree but would like to be prepared for the professional place. By learning about core business principles, students are able to understand more about their specific field and be ready for career advancement.

Associates Degree

This degree covers the basics of the core curriculum over a period of two years. Students with degree are able to further their career by strengthening their education background. For those who already have a working career and want to learn more about the inner workings of business, an Associate’s would be perfect.