Learning Objectives

Undergraduate Bachelor of Science Degree Department Strategic Learning Outcomes: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the often complex and dynamic environments faced by engineering, science, and technology organizations and the knowledge and skills required to manage and lead those organizations through the following:


  1. Ability to identify, analyze, and evaluate global, economic and geopolitical problems impacting the internal and external environments of technology organizations.
    Coursework: MGT 101, ECON 251, ECON 252


  • Understand and apply the knowledge and skills required for today’s engineering, science, and technology managers to solve practical problems and sustain organizational growth, including managing information and projects, leading teams, making decisions, and interfacing with customers.
    Coursework: MKT 335 (now MGT 335)


  • Understand and apply the general body of business and management knowledge to resource problems faced by engineering, science, and technology organizations, to include managing people, financial, marketing, and operational resources.
    Coursework: FIN 302 (now MGT 302), MGT 330


  • Ability to identify, analyze, and evaluate the risks associated with developing and commercializing new technologies and products, and research new business formation and growth.
    Coursework: MGT 481


  • Ability to formulate and model unstructured problems using multiple analytical tools and techniques.
    Coursework: MGT 462, MGT 476 (new course)


  • Understand and apply state-of-the-art management and business tools and techniques to drive process improvements in engineering, science, and technology organizations.
    Coursework: MGT 451, MGT 472


  • Understand and apply the execution of managerial functions in business and public organizations, covering the fields of accounting, finance, marketing, applied operations research, business law, and managerial economics.
    Coursework: ACCT 201, ACCT 202, BA 490 (Now MGT 490)